When shown together the geology-inspired paintings can be paired horizontally on low benches in front of each of four walls. Nine paintings from the shadow-inspired series can hang on each wall.  Sizes vary from 14” by 10-1/2”, slowly increasing up to one 4’ by 3’painting and then decreasing back to 14” by 10-1/2” on the other side, evoking mountains. There can be two benches and therefore four paintings on the benches before each wall; the benches are 2” wider than the paintings. In total there are 8 benches and 16 geologyinspired paintings. There can be 9 shadow-inspired paintings on each wall for a total of 36 Jungian shadow-inspired paintings. Special lighting has been fabricated which can be focused on the geology-inspired paintings and brings out the remarkable changes in appearance of these paintings in different lighting.

Half of the geology-inspired paintings are in the form of what I call “mosaics.” In these the first layers consist of multiple translucent layers of light paint. Subsequently, a thick layer of cliff-like paint is laid down; however, many areas are not covered with the cliff-like paint; these translucent small shapes are the areas I call “mosaics”. It is these “mosaics” that I found have especially breath-taking shifts in appearance, as the light moves from dim to intense.

A third series, “Renga,” is both a sub-series of the Jungian shadow-inspired series, “Inner/Outer,” and in a larger form, its own series of the same name. Each painting is inspired by a different short poem by the Tibetan Buddhist, Connee Pike.

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