“Afterlife of Garbage”


This is the fifth largest (and the smallest) sub-series in the Jungian shadow-inspired series, “Inner/Outer.” The paintings are acrylic on wood panel and are 13-1/2” by 10”. Our earth is constantly recycling, transforming, reusing many different elements. This sub-series of the Jungian shadow-inspired series, “Inner/Outer,” is linked to the geology-inspired series, “Worlds Behind Worlds,” by its use of related processes. It is also related to my aim in my work to recycle or preferably reuse anything I possibly can. As a result, I have saved most of any leftover acrylic paint. It usually comes in two forms, either a thin dried layer that of liquid paint I was using as a glaze. These primarily come from the two largest shadow series, as well as the geology series. As the shadow series “sinks” down into the third and fourth largest series the paint becomes ever more thick, as often occurs with sedimentary rock down in valleys, as opposed to on mountain tops.

In these paintings leftover translucent acrylic glazes or skins and thick opaque globules are transformed into shadows of all kinds.