Japan has a history of poets writing Renga for many centuries. These consist of many interlinked poems of numerous different formats. Tibetan Buddhist poet, Connee Pike, and I jointly chose a number of her short poems. I then painted a response to each poem.

Initially, I envisioned this as eight paintings within the shadow series, “Inner/Outer.” They would comprise the 4th largest sized sub-series, 18” by 13-1/2”. These were painted as an ekphrastic response to eight different poems, rather than an illustration. Ekphrastic in its broadest sense means creating a work of art in response to any other kind of work of art. In keeping with our general approaches to life, we use the words, renga and ekphrastic in their broadest senses. The eight pieces were duly painted. However, our vision continued to grow as I started painting. For more details click on “Renga with Connee Pike”.