“Multiple Perspectives”

In retrospect it is not surprising that I eventually painted not one but two universe-inspired series. “Multiple Perspectives” is the first one, and “Traces of the Cosmos” is the second. Prior to painting this first one, I was coming to increasingly understand that exploration, breadth and interconnection were some of the main themes in my art and my life. Now, looking back, the series seems entirely unexpected. Ah, retrospect!


In this series I aimed to intuitively respond to all I was learning about the universe and my sense of awe and mystery. Color exploration was a big part of my work, in this case mixing many blacks from primary and secondary colors. An exploration of shapes also became more important. I found that most of the shapes that my hand and mind liked to make are embodied in the curves of the universe. Meditations on connections, including humans and the rest of the universe, also found their way into some of my paintings. Read more.