“Traces of the Cosmos”

My universe-inspired series are dwarfed by their subject matter!  This is my second series inspired by the cosmos. After the first one, I had planned on “returning” to earth. However, one morning I woke up with a vision of a second series. It was so compelling that I immediately let go of all other plans. It was an exhilarating exploration. I aimed in this series to intuitively respond to all I’ve been learning about the universe and my sense of awe and mystery. Color exploration is a big part of my work. I found that many shapes which my hand and mind like to make are embodied in the curves of the universe. I also realized it was time to try to weave together two of my joint interests, art and science/medicine, and discover how they interrelated with each other. Meditations on perspective and connection, including humans and the rest of the universe, also found their way into many of my paintings. For more information about the entire installation, click here.