Transient Light Jan Madill Worlds Behind Worlds; acrylic on wood panel, 18" by 24"

My art manifests primarily as painting, usually in series. Over the years my series explored ever wider topics, eventually encompassing the universe. Not once, but twice, to my surprise. However, this was perhaps not such a surprise to my three astronomer/astrophysicist mentors, as each one volunteered to me that we over the last 20 or so years have been living in another “golden age of cosmology.” The second series/installation, “Traces of the Cosmos,” was followed by a short film of the same name, which is a poetic response to the installation. Subsequently, I have come back to earth to my most complex intertwining of series, which are nearing completion. These series include “Worlds Behind Worlds,” a geology-inspired series; “Inner/Outer,” inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow (and itself comprised of 5 sub-series); and “Renga,” inspired by the poetry of Tibetan Buddhist, Connee Pike. Currently, several new series are in the process of queuing up. What next?!

Photos of many of the painting series can be found on Navigation Bar to the right along with descriptions of the underlying concepts. Additionally, samples of my work in drawing, photography, and calligraphy may be found under each heading.