In the ever changing tapestry of my art life several threads recur. Woven into everything is my fascination with exploring new territory or examining old territory from new perspectives.  With this come recurrent threads of breadth and interconnection, a weaving together of new and old.

Dancing strands of improvisation connect with underlying rhythms. Playing off many aspects of the cosmos, I create ekphrastic linkages of art made in response to other art. For me these other arts include nature above all, but also dance, music and poetry.  Sometimes I help create art in response to my own art. The film, “Traces of the Cosmos,” was made as a poetic response to my installation of the same name. It was a fruitful collaboration that included videographer Ian Lucero, jazz improviser Dennis Plies, composer Susan Alexjander and fabricator and light designer William Madill. Collaboration is a joyful counterpoint to all my treasured hours of solitude in the studio. The painting details shown above are from “Traces of the Cosmos.”

During studio time I primarily paint and draw. I also do calligraphy, photography and collage. Shining filaments of color link and illuminate each other in my paintings. Curved shapes, ever shifting and inter-relating mirror and connect with the cosmos.

Following my two universe-inspired painting series, I have come back to earth to my most complex intertwining of series, which are nearing completion. These include “Worlds Behind Worlds,” a geology-inspired series; “Inner/Outer,” inspired by Carl Jung’s concept of the shadow, which itself consists of 5 subseries; and “Renga,” inspired by the poetry of Tibetan Buddhist, Connee Pike. Currently, several new series are in the process of queuing up.