I am alternating pieces I’ve been working on over the last few weeks with thoughts on the process. In each image there is an underlying main theme of impermanence. If you’d like to, I invite you to look at the images before you read my words, so you can form your own impressions and meanings.

Spring impermanence

Spring Equinox into Summer

Fall Impermanence

Fall Equinox into Winter

These two pieces above are inter-related in several ways. The seasons connect them and bow to impermanence. Also, they were literally connected as they commenced their art lives. One day a few weeks ago as I looked at an old north-facing fence by our house, my eyes really looked. Moss and lichen grew in profusion and gloriously seemed to be hinting at other landscapes. I took photographs. The spring/summer image is closer to the original appearance of part of the fence. It has only been lightly painted on in PhotoShop. The fall/winter image has been extensively worked on in PhotoShop. I now smile whenever I look at that old fence, as it too continues to change.



The Interconnectedness of Everything

This piece consists of multiple white inks drawn with different nibs on black paper. Size is 9 inches by 12 inches. I was loosely thinking about the cosmos (always impermanent!) as I improvised this drawing. It perhaps could also have been titled “The Cosmic Dance of Impermanence.”  Thoughts float through my mind as I look at this drawing; perhaps you too will have your own thoughts in response. Above all, this is a a little gift for you. I invite you to find whatever meaning/s in it that come up.


Impermanent Moon

Impermanent Moon

During a magical dinner a couple of weeks ago, I looked up and noticed the moon. No! Many moons, thanks to the happenstance of many refractions through the bevelled glass of a small window in our old house. Throughout dinner the many moons slowly appeared to sink and morph.


Watery Dance

Watery Dance (from Quartet/Pentimento)

dance symbols

Dancing with Symbols (from Quartet/Pentimental)

sun dance

Sun Dance (from Quartet/Pentimento)

Moondog Dance

Moondog Dance (from Quartet/Pentimento)

Above are images that I worked on over the last few weeks. They are part of one of several interconnected series with the overall title of “Quartet: Cosmos, Dancers, Calligraphy and Words.” This series that includes the above images is titled “Pentimento” and is among other things a reflection on memory. I am looking forward to returning to these series soon with eyes that are still more open and with more samadhi bit by bit thanks to the course.